Representative of Lithuanian Journalism Centre participated in media conference in Moldova

The Conference on the topic “How to Attract Investment in Moldova’s Media

Space through Modern Legislation” was held in Chisinau, Radisson Blu Hotel, on 30 of October 2017.

The event was organised to serve as the ideas forum after Moldovan Parliament’s and international community’s (mostly EU Embassies, US and foreign donors to Moldova) joint decision to create a Working Group for making a better media legislation.

During the conference, a number important issues for the Media development in Moldova were approach: Strategy of Media development in Moldova; Challenges and solutions for Media in Moldova today and tomorrow: Legal conditions vs Market conditions; How to modernize Moldova’s set of legislative and tax incentives to attract foreign investment in the media space; National media and film production. How to produce more, how to buy and how to sell; The directions of interests of the national and foreign investors in media: TV; online; print; Radio?! How to increase the Advertising Market; How to make sustainable media in Moldova.

Local Media, Media NGO’s, Working Group members, Audiovisual Council members, Parliamentary Commission, Ministry of Justice, MFAEI, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Fiscal Authority, Custom Authority, Government Chancellery, international partners, advertising and PR agencies, TV and film production houses.

Director of Lithuanian Journalism Centre dr. Džina Donauskaitė has participated in the event as the foreign expert and shared the Lithuanian experience and information about media regulations, legislation and fiscal facilities. She pointed out that according to Freedom House’s Press Freedom Index, Moldovan media landscape is evaluated as only partly free. “Until the journalists in the country are able to work freely, no serious media business investor whose essence of the business is audience’s trust, will get interested in investing in the media sector in Moldova”, – during her presentation said D. Donauskaitė.

Full disclosure: the travel and stay expenses of the representative of Lithuanian Journalism Centre has been covered by the Freedom House Moldova.